Play piano in 60 secs by matching colored lyrics & free piano lessons
Play piano in 60 secs by matching colored lyrics & free piano lessons
Play PIano in 60 secs by matching colors & free piano lessons
Play Piano in 60 secs by matching colored lyrics & free sheet music
Play piano in 60 secs by matching colored lyrics & free sheet music

 Play Piano in 60 seconds

IVORREZ (R) is the newest innovation in music instruction where anyone can play in 60 seconds.  It’s Guitar Hero meets Chord Buddy and by matching colored lyrics in a game-like platform, beginners can play piano without lessons or skill instantly. 

IVOREEZ (R) is your short cut. It’s sheet music and piano instruction; all in one. That’s because IVOREEZ (R) was designed with the casual player in mind.  Piano lessons groom the professional player.  What about the ones who want to enjoy music casually at home or with friends? You no longer have to take lessons to enjoy or create music,  spend thousands on lessons to play music or invest months to understand or process music theory.  Playing is as simple as matching colors.  

Step 1: Select Song

Playing is easy when you choose a song that you’re familiar with. Unlike traditional sheet music, you don’t need lesson or have any music knowledge to play this new style of sheet music. You can play by reading colored words, not notes!  These coded song lyrics work  with the Piano Tabs (decals that are placed on your piano/keyboard) to go from zero music experience to playing the accompaniment and singing the melody within minutes.

Once you choose a song, press “play” and the lyrics will scroll. You control the scroll speed (tempo) and the create the song to your liking. Expect to play the current chart toppers as well as your favorite classic songs of all genres.  Check out our newly added songs from our Song Database.

Step 2:  Match Lyric Colors to Piano Colors

This new music innovation is like Piano Lessons and Sheet Music all in one!  Gone are the days where you are required to learn the language of music before playing the piano. This new method of sheet music is used by the youngest of children, learning disabled, elderly, and those who’ve never touched a keyboard before.

You simply match the colors of the lyrics you’re singing to the colors that co-ordinate on the Piano Tabs (decals). The process takes seconds to prepare giving you time to create music and enjoy an authentic piano experience. Now, you’re playing!

Step 3: Play the Song & Sing the Melody

Once you start matching the colors, you (or your crew) can start singing and while you play the background music.  This is exactly what professionals do when they accompany singers or instrumentalists. They support the melody and provide background music to enhance the song. When you play the IVOREEZ color method, you are creating a simple accompaniment just like the pros!

Once you get familiar with the colors, you can expand this simple accompaniment to include more syncopated rhythms, arpeggiated and pop style techniques. These can be done easily from the IVOREEZ Video Series.  These videos are around 60 seconds and created for the beginner. It all starts with a song so check out our song list and start playing today.

Step 4: Record, Post & Share

Playing the piano has never been easier …or more social. Though many use this experience casually, many love creating music and collaborating with friends to share online.

The IVOREEZ app (iOS/Android) has a bonus feature that records your performance and uploads to YouTube.  Why limit this expression to your living room? With the app, you can build a fan base, create musical content while developing your talent on YouTube.

Take your creation to the next level and make music without lessons or learning. Unleash your inner Rock Star with IVOREEZ!

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