Play Piano in 60 seconds

IVORREZ (R) is the newest innovation in music instruction where anyone can play in 60 seconds.  It’s Guitar Hero meets Chord Buddy and by matching colored lyrics in a game-like platform, beginners can play piano without lessons or skill instantly. 

IVOREEZ (R) is your short cut. It’s sheet music and piano instruction; all in one. That’s because IVOREEZ (R) was designed with the casual player in mind.  Piano lessons groom the professional player.  What about the ones who want to enjoy music casually at home or with friends? You no longer have to take lessons to enjoy or create music,  spend thousands on lessons to play music or invest months to understand or process music theory. Playing is as simple as matching colors.  

Play piano without lessons and in 60 seconds!

No previous music experience necessary.  Here’s how it works: