13 Excellent Piano Teacher Questions To Ask Before You Start

Piano Teacher Questions


Choosing a teacher that will leave a positive and happy impression upon your child, regardless of progress or learning speed, is a crucial factor in piano success.

This impression lasts for a lifetime and can be factor that determines their involvement or disconnect with music as an adult.

Here are some piano teacher questions you can ask:

1. What is your educational background?

2. What experience do you have in teaching?

3. What ages do you teach?

4. How much practice time do you suggest or require of your students?

5. Do you teach multiple instruments?

6. What methods do you prefer? Why?

7. Do you hold recitals during the year?

8. How do you evaluate a student’s progress?

9. What kind of music do you assign to your students?

10. Do you have additional opportunities for students who would like to perform often or become more involved in music?

11. Tell me about your most successful student.

12. What is expected of parents?

13. Can you give me a list of three references?

If your teacher’s behavior or demeanor fail to support the ultimate goals, look into the matter immediately. A parent’s intuition is a good indicator that something might be “off,” and the student might be better suited with a different instructor. Ensuring that your piano student is paired with the perfect teacher will translate into how well your child learns the piano lessons—so the aforementioned piano teacher questions will help guide you toward the right decision.

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