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If you want my lovin’
If you really do
Don’t be afraid baby
Just ask me
Ya know I’m gonna give it to you

Oh and I do declare (I do)
I wanna see you with it
Stretch out your arms little boy
Your gonna get it
‘Cause I love you oh
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
There ain’t no doubt about it
Baby I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, baby I love you

If you feel you wanna kiss me
Go right ahead I don’t mind
All you got to do is snap your fingers
And I’ll come a runnin, I ain’t lyin’
(I ain’t lyin’)
And oh what you want
Little boy you know you got it
I’d deny my own self
Before I see you without it
‘Cause I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
Ain’t no doubt about it baby I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, baby I love you

Someday ya might wanna run away
And leave me sittin’ here to cry
But if it’s all the same to ya baby
I’m gonna stop you from sayin’ goodbye
Baby I love ya (baby, baby, I love ya)
Baby I need ya (baby, baby I need ya)
Said I want ya (baby baby I want ya)
Got ta have ya baby (baby baby I love ya)
Don’t let your neighbors tell ya I don’t want ya
(Baby, baby I want ya)
Don’t let your lowdown friends
(Baby, baby I want ya)



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aretha franklin baby i love you

the queen!

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