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FREE 5 Part “Break It Down” Piano Lesson Series | IVOREEZ SongLyrics

Each Video Lesson is 10 minutes FULL of easy, fast & useful piano tips to get you playing. The series is designed for beginners who want a “no nonsense” approach to learning the fundamentals of piano and learning only what’s necessary to play for fun & enjoyment.

No long explanations

No classical music

No confusing theory

In fact, if you want to learn classical songs, want to be in the symphony and learn everything about music theory, please find a private piano instructor  :)  This is not for you.

It is meant to quickly learn basic piano so you can sing all the newest & hottest pop songs to accompany yourself  without investing time in traditional piano lessons. Most of our students are singers and find this course helpful to:

Strengthen the singers ear

Build musicality

Quickly play to feature the voice & melody

Gain a basic knowledge of piano accompaniment


If you LOVE pop music, LOVE to sing & LOVE to make music & get creative, welcome to IVOREEZ. You’re just one of millions that want to:

play & share music with friends for fun

yearned to play piano but never could

start a youtube channel w/ your own covers

 develop your singing skills

get gigs as a singer/pianist act


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