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Teach URself Tuesday: Celebrating the people who have Piano Passion

Nothing is more integral to learning the piano than desire. And anyone, I mean anyone with a heart beat, can learn to play just enough to let their passions inspire their authentic talents.  Most traditional settings acknowledge and congratulate those willing and able to use private methods in learning everything there is to know about music theory.  They believe that music is a language and the more knowledge of the language, the more proficient you become.

Interesting, huh?

Have you talked to a 3 year old before? Do they have mastery of a language?  I would say that they are purely capable of communicating their thoughts and feelings with broken speech, misappropriated sentence, and poorly constructed paragraphs.  In fact, the mothers of these children might not need words at all to understand them.  Based on their behavior, I’m sure they are able to interpret their emotions and thoughts.

I think these 3 year olds have it right.

Based on sound alone, our hearts can feel and connect to music faster and more effectively than any attempt of speech. Not to discredit any efforts in learning the traditional way, because I’m an advocate for all kinds of learning, no exclusions to music.  Let’s celebrate the people who have the courage to sit on the bench and use their ears, their heart and their simplicity to make music.

Kudos to you that take your education in your own hands and master tools that are necessary in your creation.  You don’t let the fear of the unlearned keep you from designing. Cheers to you who pour out your fears, your insecurities, your pain, your joys, your life story into your music and find the strength to voice them through song.

For whatever reason kept you from taking lessons, it’s not too late. It’s not necessary, either. But whatever your choice, this page serves to break down the top questions to playing piano with or without formality.

It’s your music.

It’s your experience.

Find your voice.