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Girl, it’s astounding the way that you ground me
Just by being around me, help me stay true
Behind every man is a woman standing
Holding his hand and seeing him through

You’re my co-pilot
Always by my side, looking so fly
Baby you got me
Clouds hit the sky
I know that I’m never flying
In the lightning alone

Freedom is overrated and over
Do it alone and that goes for me, too
Just like a story without an ending
Baby, I’m nothing without you

[Chorus x2]

And nearly every time that I lean off track
You don’t even know it but you lead me back
And when I’m swimming in the dark
You are the compass of my heart

No one can do it alone

[Chorus x2]



Matthew Scott Wallace, Andy Grammer

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Co-Pilot- Andy Grammer

"Co-Pilot" off of Andy Grammer's newest album "Magazines or Novels"

All credit goes to Andy Grammer and his band

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