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I don’t know when we fell apart
Love that we had was like a work of art
I used to see heaven in your eyes
The angels are falling from your sky
Things we said
We’re so wrong
And I haven’t held you for so long
My foolish pride
Turns me inside
Why did we tell all those lies?
You can reach for the phone
You don’t have to be alone

Outside the wind seems so cold
Your heart is frozen like the snow
And there’s no one home
To keep you safe and warm
Your eyes are red because you’ve cried
You fell asleep by the fireside
But there’s one thing you should know
Oh its Christmas baby
You don’t have to be alone

And I have only one wish on my list
For me you would be the pefect gift, oh yeah
There’s nothing colder than an empty heart
And how the days we’re meant to be alone
The smiles we gave
When our hearts we saved
By eachothers loving home
That subsided now
Happiness around
If only I could find a way to your heart

You don’t, have to be alone
You don’t have to be, all alone at all
You don’t, have to be alone
You don’t have to be alone



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Nsync - You Don't Have to be Alone

From the *Nsync Ntimate Holiday Special, You Don't Have to be Alone.

Enjoy guys!

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