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Let’s bring some reality to it,
And the whole gang’s in here, yeah, b**** (b****)

OK, EST for life, 40 m*********’ days
I hustled, 40 nights
I got 40 deep behind me, ain’t a m*********’ nice
40 swishas, 40 b******, went from m*********’ rice

Shut it down, EST we shut it down
All them b****** know what’s up, EST we run it now
And if you think that I’m lying, better go ask somebody
I’m just one out of a million, laced up, tatted, ridin’ shawty

OK now all I know is this hustle
All I want is that cream
If you ain’t riding then f*** you
All I gots my team
Screaming EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)
OK I do it all for my city
All I know’s these streets
Throw it up if you with me
And until I rest in peace!
I’m screaming EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)
EST (what the f***)

OK, OK, I see they hide when we
come ’round get the f*** down
I am from the city where they bow, love that gun sound
I am from the city where they ride ’til the sun down
Where they die by this tattoo, I rep nine so whats up now?

Its that reckless generation, EST my nation
M********* your time you taking,
you know Cleveland’s my location,
Straight shots with no chasing, f*** ’em all in they faces,
They were sleeping on that s***
I spit so I hawk spit in their faces

I cant take it, everybody better get in their places,
Me and all of mine are looking like gorillas
We fitted in all black you would think we racist,
Light it up like its Vegas, shuttin’ down all that fake s***,
And not a d*** one of these haters show
they faces they like Craigslist

Must let it be known
If you pullin’ up in my city you better holla ‘daddy I’m home’
Yeah, we hustle like no other
No love and no supper 19 double X forever


These m********* don’t know what the f*** going on
Its EST for life know what I’m sayin’
We gon’ ride together get high together
and best believe we gon’ die together
I go by the name of DJ Xplosive and I’m stayin’ for this s***
Aye Kells, Dubo, Slim G f*** these hatin’ a** n****
Either they run wit us or they run from us
Let me know put them L’s up lace the f*** up


Brandon Allen, Eric Allen, EST 19XX Productions, Richard Colson Baker

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Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., THE ADMINISTRATION MP, INC.

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Machine Gun Kelly - EST 4 Life ft. Dubo, DJ Xplosive

Music video by MGK performing EST 4 Life. (C) 2012 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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