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Can’t control it but it’s coming like a thunder in the sound.
I could feel before I knew it then you slapped me on the ground.
And you took me like I never had that whiskey in my veins.
Ever since you’ve been on repeat like the music in my brain.

You feel me, I feel you.
I need to know the taste that’s on your lips.
And I see only you ’cause no one’s ever touched me there like this.

(I feel me, I-I feel like it, feel)

No more waiting, baby, take it ’til you lose your f****** mind,
I can feel you on my skin and I am slowly going blind,
And your touch is like the only thing that I will ever need
Sink your teeth into my veins ’til my heart is on your sleeve

You feel me, I feel you
I need to know the taste that’s on your lips
And I see only you ’cause no one’s ever touched me there like this.

(I feel me, I-I feel like it, feel)


Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, Kristopher Trindl

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Krewella - Feel Me [OFFICIAL VIDEO - HD]

now trolling in a city near you - come rage with us !! full list of tour dates here:


You can download "Feel Me", as well as the other songs from our debut EP "Play Hard" here:


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Instagram: KrewellaMusic

Video directed, shot, and edited by Miles Evert of Miles Evert Productions (MEP)

Special thanks to everybody that put us on in LA for the first time - Everett Diem, Will Runzel, Ryan Jaso, Paul Duncan, I Heart SF, and all of our wonderful friends with cameos!!

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