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All alone, nothing to do
It’s lonely here without you
The candlelight is burning low
The love songs on the radio
And memories are all I have to show

Photographs, tickets for two
Promises that all fell through
Now, everything in black and white
The colors faded with the light
The stars we used to wish upon
Have somehow lost their light

Where is the feeling we used to know?
Where is the music that played?
What happened to the love that used to show?
Where did the feeling go?

Thoughts of you fill my mind
Paperbacks to pass the time
And, as I lie awake tonight
I’ll leave the porch light burning bright
And miss the loving arms
That used to hold me tight


What happened to the love that used to show?
Where did the feeling go?



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selena - where did the feeling go? (with lyrics)

the song where did the feeling go? from selena such a lovely song
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