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Seventeen, you don’t think that much about life
You just live it
Like Kerosene dancing around a fire
But you’re in it

So you jump right in
Ain’t afraid to fall
And you give it all

She got the best of me
She broke my heart
Now all that’s left of me
Is beating in this guitar
Every night, a different town
She follows me around
So you get what’s left of me
She got the best of me

I picked myself up off the floor
And found something new worth living for
And a, old dusty hand-me-down six string
And a couple chords

I’m getting over her
A little more with every song
So sing a-long


She got the best of me
She got the best of me
She got the best of me



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She got the best of me luke combs

i do not own this song in no shape or form, belongs to Luke Combs

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