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Tell me that you love me
Say “we’ll always work it out”
I know it’s kinda scary
But it’s only temporary doubt
I’ve done a lot of stupid things
But promise that you’re gonna
stay long enough to grow old with me
We’re gonna see the good times
love each other through the bad
It’s gonna hurt like hell when we lose
our moms and dads
So let my shoulder hold your tears
Walk beside me through the years
Baby let’s see, where this love could lead

Let’s hold hands on your favorite beach
Fix up a house that we found in the city limits
Tangled up in a satin sheet
And get a little loud when
we’ve had to much to drink
And learn to love from a church pew
Laugh about all the times we counted pennies
Buy some land with a good view
To start a family
Baby grow old with me

It’s gonna take a little time
we’ll have to work at it everyday
We’re gonna lose a lot of sleep and
learn to eat out of a microwave
You know we’ll probably never have it all
But that’s part of building up the walls strong
enough to stand up through the rain

We’ll make some love on your favorite beach
And at the house that we found in the city limits
Talk our babies through the bad dreams
When they get a little older we’ll tell them not to drink
Book a church when she finds a groom
Laugh about all the times they’ll count the pennies
Give them land with a good view
To start a family



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Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old (Static Version)

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