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Ayy, my walk is so cocky the bouncers don’t even stop me
Ain’t no pat down, no ID
They know me, that s*** obvi
B**** I pack out the lobby just from fans tryna find me
I got daughters and mothers tryna f*** with the gunner
Two tone suit like the Joker
My Harley Quinn wears a choker
Let them suicide doors up
So much smoke, can’t photo us
I’m out west like the gold rush, 1942 poured up
I ain’t spent one night sober since I turned twenty years old
But I’m on my Jeezy in 2005 “Trap or Die” s***
The everyday 100, this ain’t no facade s***
This that “Look me in my eyes and don’t you f*****’ lie” s***
Still don’t need no opinions
B****, most these artists my minions, whoa, yeah
Any weed around me finna get burnt
No lie, I’m on fire
Hogtie anybody need a realization that they
f*****’ with the wrong guy
I am the Alpha Omega, came from Sonic on a Sega
Crumblin’ chronic on the table
Mumbling lyrics in the basement
Like I’m finna go Super Saiyan
I’m saying I ain’t had a plan coming out the land
Hanging with my man, tryna sling a gram
Just to rent a van, just to try and tour
Turn some common clothing in to couture
Steal money from the sewer
Look at all that I been doing
All them years I couldn’t afford, places in the morgue
We are not the same, say the f*****’ name

I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner

Let’s do this for real, ay
Super sonic, super sonic
Psychedelics and some chronic
Still remain a trending topic
Five movies, let’s be honest, what you call it?
That’s a major motion picture wallet, unh
No, I do not want a comment, unh
Don’t approach me, I am violent, unh
Snapping pictures ’cause I’m styling
Let me make it very f*****’ clear who I am
Do not start assuming, let me clear confusion
I am not a human, they call me a giant
I pick up the mic and I start a riot
I spit a verse and I change the climate
F*** a dealer, man, I need the pilot
Drop the weight off like he on a diet
Hanging off of the balcony of the Hyatt
I started with one, and I’m multiplying
Now I got me three women like Frankie Lymon
And I got me a double X made in diamonds
B****, the dynasty never dying
Someone ring the sirens, I just f*** the silence
I just sparked the loud up, who the f*** can stop us?
I resort to violence, no resorts and islands
You know where to find us, ah

I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (the gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner


Colson Baker, B. Allen, S. Basil

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Machine Gun Kelly - The Gunner

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