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You don’t know what’s in store
But you know what you’re here for
Close your eyes
Lay yourself beside me

Hold tight for this ride
We don’t need no protection
Come alone
We don’t need attention

Open your hand
Take a glass
Don’t be scared
I’m right here
Even though you don’t roll
Trust me boy
You wanna be high for this

Take it off
You want it off
‘Cause I know what you’re feeling
It’s okay, boy, I feel it too

Let it be baby breathe
I swear I’m right here
We’ll be good; I promise
We’ll be so good

Open your hand
Take a glass
Don’t be scared
I’m right here
Even though you don’t roll
Trust me boy
You wanna be high for this



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Ellie Goulding - High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Ellie Goulding instantly became one of my favorite singers the first time I heard her voice. Today we get her cover of The Weeknd’s classic track “High For This”, with the production by Xaphoon Jones (Known for being the DJ / Drummer for Chiddy Bang)

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