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[Verse 1]
You wearing that black dress, coat, and cowboy boots
He was there, but I didn’t care, to busy staring at you
In the pouring rain, with the blue lights flashin’,
in the hills of Appalachian
Close to tears with your makeup smeared,
I asked you what had happened

But I know she ain’t ready
She won’t be for awhile
And he broke her down
When I’m around
I can see it in her smile
She’s finally getting closer
It’s just to plain to see
And I know she ain’t ready
But that’s alright with me

[Verse 2]
You wearing that red dress, pearls, and those high heels
Like the way he made you look,
you look the way it made you feel
So I said to you I sure like to do this one here
You said me too, but I’m just not over him


She started calling me baby,
and two years later I was down on a knee
With a ring in hand, I said “I’m your man, and girl,
will you marry me?”

[Chorus 2]
She said you know that I’m ready
And I have been for awhile
When the bells sound and you turn around
I’ll be walking down the aisle
This will only bring us closer
It’s just to plain to see
And I know that we’re ready
So that’s alright with me
That’s alright with me



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I know she aint ready luke combs

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