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[Selena talk part]
Sometimes at night when I go to sleep I
Hold my pillow tight, thinking of
You ’til it hurts
But in my mind I know you’re mine
and somewhere you’re thinking of me to

I miss you, thinking of you
you’re always on my mind

[Selena 1st verse]
You’re always on my mind, day and night
When I think of you, everything feels so right
Well, I often think of the happy times we spent
together and I just can’t wait to tell you
that “I love you”

[Selena 2nd verse]
Time keeps passing by (you’re not here)
I feel so all alone
When I don’t have you near, but I often think of
the happy times we spent together and
I just can’t wait
To tell you that ” I love you”

[Selena and full force chorus]
I’m missing my baby, missing my baby
I gotta hold you tight and never let you out of
my sight.
Missing my baby, missing my baby
I gotta feel your heart beat next to mine
gotta feel it (feel it)


[Full force]
sometimes at night when i go to sleep
i hold my pillow tight untill my eyes close but in
my mind i know your
mine and somewhere your thinking of me too.

[Selena & full force]
Gotta have you (have you) gotta hold you (hold you)
Got to have your lovin’ (I gotta have you)

And tell you that “I love you”
And I really miss you
(I miss you)

I miss you, thinking of you
You’ re always on mind


Quintanilla, A.B., Iii

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Selena - Missing My Baby (Karaoke)

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