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Every day I see you,
My hands were made for you,
And you always give me stress me free point of view,
Pick you up after school

(Mr. Magic) Take a token,
(Mr. Magic) Of my love,
(Mr. Magic) I see you through the smoke

Without you, a misery,
Blue with a migraine,
All the songs sound better when you’re next to me,
Hey, cause they come naturally


Laying on my bed,
I reach over for you,
And you so fresh you even make the standards bloom,
But it’s just to get you through


(Mr. Magic)
(Mr. Magic)
(Mr. Magic)
Waiting for the smoke to clear.
I’m waiting for the smoke to clear


William Salter, Ralph Macdonald

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Amy Winehouse - Mr. Magic

a Bonus song found on Amy's debut masterpiece "Frank".

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