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We roll in every summer when
there’s strength in our numbers
And your breath’s hot and gross
but I kiss you like a lover
Legs stick to the seats of
the car someone grew into
I forget the knowledge from
the lessons that I went to
And Jamie picks fights but they’re
weak and short lived
Because no one can be bothered
when it’s humid like this
And we roll in every summer
like it’s shameful to be
Underneath a ceiling or a roof,
try come out and steal our thunder

Now the days are getting cooler and
the burning of our limbs
Doesn’t happen quite as bad and
the burning’s just skin
Deep in the fantasies and dreams of the winter
Like the movies that we watched
to pretend it wasn’t winter
And everywhere we go I can feel the subtle taste
Of the D talk groan and the welcome overstayed
And you’re no better at swimming
than you were in the beginning
But you come over at night and
we practice all the breathing

Go all the way, have your fun,
have it all, so take it down
Get through the days, do your thing,
do it well, this ‘ll take you down
Go all the way, have your fun, have it all,
this ‘ll take you down
Get through the days, do your thing, do it well,
this ‘ll take you down

I pull the trick if I want to
I pull the trick and it comes true
I’m chewing gum and it’s killing you
We’re getting dead and it’s the right way to do it
I see you happy in the front seat
I see you with all of your front teeth
You’re allergic but you never said
We’re getting dead and it’s the right way



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Lorde - No Better (Audio)

"No Better" is a song by New Zealand singer Lorde, taken from the extended version of her debut studio album Pure Heroine (2013). The track was released on 13 December 2013 by Universal Music Group as a promotional tool for the album. "No Better" is an electropop and trip hop ballad with elements of hip hop, in which Lorde discusses an infatuation. Music critics opined that the single has similar musical style to songs from Pure Heroine.


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