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On the back of a quarter
I found on the floorboard
It’s stamped in silver that I should trust You
So I gather all the courage that I can muster
And I drop it in the slot
Here I am
Just a man
Makin’ a phone call to God

Will the sound of Your voice burn up the lines?
I wonder if You’ll answer all the wonders why
Will I find my place, my piece of mind?
Will I get her back if I give you time?
Or maybe it’s just better I don’t know
How it’s gonna end or how it’s gonna go

Regrets and mistakes
And all the hearts that I did break
Will I ever get to see my grandma’s face
With all the hell that I have raised?
I know she’s up there
Shakin’ her head & sayin’ a prayer
Am I breakin’ up or am I clear?
When I hang up do You just disappear?

Could you hand off the phone to my Uncle Joe?
He’d tell me if the streets are really paved with gold
With both sides on their knees down to the end
How do You choose who’s gonna lose & win?
Good at talkin’
Maybe I should be listenin’
Oh is this real or just a dream?

Sometimes it feels just like the whole world’s bleedin’
Heal my unbelief & keep those angels singin’

I’ve read every word You say
Every word written in red
Come on, heal my broken heart
Makin’ a phone call to God
You got the whole world in Your hands
Hallelujah. Can you hear my prayer?
I’m makin’ a phone call

Tom Douglas / Brett Eldredge

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