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I tried hard to make you want me
But we’re not supposed to be
And the truth will always haunt me
Even though it set me free
And my tears flow like the ocean
As they floated in the breeze
They were falling in slow motion
And they brought me to my knees

Oh, you’re haunting me, taunting me all in my brain
Turn off the light and now all that remains
Fills me with doubt
And I’m shouting your name out loud
Why do you wanna put me through the pain?
I get the feeling I’ll never escape
I can’t hide away from the shame of you

Tears on the ground, tears on my pillow
You won’t bring me down
And I’ll get over you
These tears will get me through
And I’ll get over you

I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get over you
I’ll, I’ll, oh yeah
I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get over you
I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get over you


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Clean Bandit - Tears ft. Louisa Johnson [Official Video]

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Here is the official video for our new single 'Tears' featuring Louisa Johnson - out now.

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