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Hey, in the rain hey, in the rain
Hey, in the rain hey, in the rain

Every day I, wake up, to the same s***
In the same house, with the same bricks
In the same clothes, with the same kicks
I might as well be in jail
Caged in, stairin’ at the wall waitin’ for a change but
Dad telling me I gotta get a job
Couldn’t pay the bills so the lights turned dark
Them Cleveland boys got it hard
Oh my god, we been living like this too long
Just to lose it all in a week
My people too strong
Get it? Me and my boys be blowin’
Puffing on weed like this the lawn
Me and my boys tired of being here
That is why we gone
They say we wouldn’t amount to nothing, huh?
Y’all thought we was bluffing, huh?
Fought every temptation s***,
I guess I’m David Ruffin huh?
Nowadays, we don’t gotta do that dirt,
tell my boys they good
And nowadays my little girl won’t have to work,
moved her out the hood
Look man, I done been through it all,
and I’ma d***** if I got this far
And if I let them strip me of this message
let these haters take my heart
This for the ones that had it hard,
the ones like me, the underdogs
This for the ones that waited for them clouds to form,
please god let it

You can see my tears, in the rain
You can see my tears, in the rain
Underneath it all, we’re just the same, same, same
You can see my tears, in the rain
All around the world it’s just the same, same, same
You can see my tears, in the rain
Nah, so I let it rain

And they mad that I made it out the city
But if you look I’m still out in the city
Before everything I had clout in the city
Toured the states and never bounced on the city
Shout out to everybody that’s proud in the city
Everybody cheering in the crowd from the city
Everyone that never had doubts in the city
Cause they know I represent what we about in the city
And I’m still laced up,
tell the world that’s nothing changed
Till it’s hundred dollar bills in my pocket,
then nothings change
If my team ain’t with me, then I don’t wanna thang
Tell them I’ll go broke before I run out on my gang
EST over everything
100 thousand plus, cult fan base yea that is us
My songs tattooed on they body troubled youth,
we bad as f***
And, what?
Nobody gave a s*** about for broken mirrors
So I care less about appearance
Just as long as they can hear us
We’re fearless, we’re stupid, we’re dealers,
we’re losers
We’re killers, we’re orphan’s, we’re addicts,
we’re stealers
We’re shooters so kill us
We are what they say we are until conformity hits us
Or those clouds come down and take them all with us,
please god let it



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Machine Gun Kelly - See My Tears

Music video by MGK performing See My Tears. (C) 2012 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
Official Music Video for Machine Gun Kelly's - "See My Tears"

From the debut album "Lace Up" In-Stores now:

Song Produced by: The Justice League
Shot and Edited by: SPORDY19XX

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