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So many times I thought I hold it in my hands
But just like grains of sand
Love slips through my fingers

So many nights I asked the lord above
Please make me lucky enough
To find a love that lingers

Something keeps telling me
That you could be my answered prayer
You must be heaven sent I swear

Cause something happens when you look at me
I forget to speak
Something happens when you kiss my mouth
My knees gets so weak
Could it be true this is what god has meant for me
Cause baby I can’t believe
That something like you could happen to me

Something like you

Girl in your eyes I feel your fire burn
All your secrets I will learn
Even if it takes forever

With you by my side I can do anything
I don’t care what tomorrow brings
As long as we’re together

My heart is telling me
That you could be my meant to be
I know it more each time we touch

Something magical
Something spiritual
Something stronger than the two of us alone
Something physical
Something undeniable
Nothing like anything that I’ve ever known

Can’t believe that you happen to me



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Something like you- Nsync lyrics

This is another fave xD lol I know, I know I have way to many favorite songs xD but I like them all and I want to share them with you ^-^ I wanna dedicate it to kevin lmao I dedicate a lot of songs to him but he is very special to me =) and I want him to know that =3 lol

Song: Something like you
Artist: Nsync


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