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Look at that worn out rusty engine
Sitting there begging for a spark
Don’t look like much in that condition
But there was a time you should’ve seen her run
Down every back road in Lyle County
Under every streetlight up on Main
You sitting there drumming on a dashboard
Both of us falling like a fickle rain

We were
Cooler than December, hotter than July
Young and strong
Some things aren’t meant to last forever
But that don’t mean you forget
’em when they’re gone, so come on

She had hair tangled as the kudzu
Legs as long as the trails that cut through
Those back acres to the river bend
She had her daddy’s temper and her momma’s flair
Made people talk but did not care
Try anything once ain’t scared of nothing

Repeat Chorus

Come on
Don’t mean you forget ’em
I still ride down those old roads
Even if it’s in my mind
Tight blue jeans and winding curves
Keep me turning on a dime, yeah, just like the time

Repeat Chorus x2

Don’t mean you forget ’em when they’re gone



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When They're Gone - David Nail & Little Big Town - Lyrics

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Artist: David Nail & Little Big Town
Tittle: When They're Gone (Lyle County)
Album: I'm A Fire
Released: 2014

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