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My friends call me up ’cause they know I’m down
Take me out to paint the town and help me get over it
Pretty blonde girl at the end of the bar
Buys a drink, gives a wink, and then it goes too far
We’re out on the dance floor feelin’ the gin
I finally start coming alive again
I take her home for the night
And everything is right until the first ray of sunlight
And d*** if I don’t wake up lovin’ you

Oh I wake up lovin’ you

Thought if I could catch a plane, touch down, out of town
Somewhere nobody knows you
Maybe I could give myself half of a chance
To get a life and act a like a different man
But my best of intentions were all shot to hell
And I found myself hiding in a cheap hotel
Drownin’ in the whiskey, starin’ at the T.V.,
tryin’ not to sleep
‘Cause I’m just gonna wake up lovin’ you

Yeah I wake up lovin’ you, yeah

Yeah I wake up lovin’ you,
Yeah I wake up lovin’ you

Remember when I told you I was never going to stop
Lovin’ you with all my heart and soul no matter what
Now it seems I’m breaking every promise that I made
‘Cause every night I’m desperate
Askin’ God if He would just let me forget it
But I wake up lovin’ you

I wake up lovin’ you

I wake up lovin’ you, yeah
I wake up lovin’ you, yeah
I wake up lovin’ you, oh
I wake up lovin’ you
I wake up lovin’ you
I wake up lovin’ you



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OLD DOMINION - Wake Up Loving You

Footage of Old Dominion performing Wake Up Loving You live.

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