Ellen Met Elias | Piano Prodigy



Hi IVOREEZ Singers!  Here’s a fun one from Ellen and a cute child prodigy.  Like you, I’ve seen so many cute kids who are beasts on the piano. Most of them are shy, timid, polite children who only speak when spoken to.  This child is a firecracker and the opposite of what you’d think of an Olympic-trained professional.  He’s much like the personality of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – energetic, whimsical and sometimes, borderline obnoxious. (Sorry, that’s the Mom in me!)

Nevertheless, he is quite talented and has mastered a classic song most students learn.  It’s impressive to hear but when you break it down, you can do this piece with chords.  I can’t say with IVOREEZ alone but you can learn this song on IVOREEZ using chords, minus the melody. Basically, the song is nothing but arpeggiated chords, just like you do playing the IVOREEZ system.

Granted, he messes up just a few times but for a youthful child, his small hands and what looks like, attention deficit disorder, you will appreciate his talent.

After the interview, he goes on to talk about his twin brother.  Wow!  You’ll just have to see this clip and judge for yourself.

Ok, IVOREEZ singers… and piano players: Enjoy!

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When Ellen Met Elias

Elias is a 7-year-old piano prodigy, but what he brought when he met Ellen was a lot more than just musical skill. This might be one of the most memorable guests in history.